Employee Bios


Audrey has a knack for organizing and making things run faster and smoother. She is great at analyzing a process and finding a better way to get things done. With a background in Sculpture from the Alberta College of Art and Design, she utilizes her artistic skill to make our simulators come to life. An outdoorsy girl at heart, you can bet that she’d almost always like to be gone fishing.


With a great ability to absorb information and push boundaries, Alan is always looking to improve processes and make things function better. With a background in the orthotics industry, at VSI he has expanded his knowledge of mold making and is quick to pick up on new processes and procedures.  Alan is full of positive energy and keeps things light and enjoyable. For fun, he likes to fly his quadcopter/drone and take captivating footage of areas around Calgary.


Marlies brings her enthusiasm to the shop and is willing to take on any new projects that come her way. Her attention to detail is evident in her work, and she utilizes her drawing skills when documenting some of our processes. She completed her practicum working on film projects with Dave Trainor building props and prosthetic molds. Originally from Nelson BC, she holds a Degree with Distinction in Drawing from the Alberta College of Art and Design and is an avid rock climber.


Bill has been a wonderful addition to the VSI team, joining us early on in 2019. Bill enjoys a challenge and he is always looking for ways to improve upon his current skills, as well as acquire expertise in new areas. With over two decades of fabrication experience, Bill brings a wide variety of knowledge, as well as alternative fabrication methods, to his fabricator role. He is energetic and positive and he is most happy at home with his family and pets, and building home projects.