About VSI

VSI_20130716_batch1-27Veterinary Simulator Industries Ltd. creates animal simulators that allow veterinary students to become proficient in their diagnostic and practical skills without the need to endanger or cause unnecessary discomfort to live animals. Our simulators are designed with a unique partnership between professional designer/fabricators and veterinary educators to create teaching tools that are realistic in appearance, highly functional, utilize durable materials and meet the needs of veterinary students and teachers.

Simulators save veterinary educators time and money by limiting the number of teaching animals that an institution needs to keep and maintain. Simulators contribute to creating testing standards for various procedures and allow students to practice those procedures on their own time, thereby increasing their proficiency.

Regulatory bodies as well as educational institutions are creating guidelines for performing invasive procedures on healthy live animals in teaching. These new restrictions could potentially limiting training time and access to live animals for students.

All VSI products are designed, crafted and manufactured in Canada.



  • VSI was successfully nominated for the 2017 Ernest C Manning Innovation Award
  • In the 2016 Small Business Challenge Contest sponsored by The Globe and Mail and Telus, VSI Ltd. was voted one of ten regional winners.
  • In 2015, Alberta’s Venture Magazine voted Veterinary Simulator Industries Ltd. as one of Alberta’s top 20 most innovative organizations.
  • Veterinary Simulator Industries Ltd. was a finalist in the Calgary Chamber of Commerce Business awards in the Innovation category in September, 2014.

Want to know more about the VSI team?  Check out https://vetsimulators.com/about-vsi/employee-bios/