APVMA Symposium at Iowa State University

VSI Ltd. was invited to the 2014 APVMA conference being held at Iowa State University in Ames Iowa.
We would like to thank the organizer Miranda Buseman along with Kimberly Strait (new president of AMPVA), Kesley Aarsvold and all of the volunteer students and staff who helped put on the event.

The Holstein dystocia simulator arriving at the Iowa State field services building.

Dr Pat Philips demonstrating various malpresentations along with chaining/jacking procedures to prospective veterinary students from across the United States using the VSI Holstein dystocia simulator.

Here the fetal extractor is used to birth the calf.

InVeST 2014 – Ross University, St Kitts

VSI Ltd. attended the InVeST 2014 conference hosted by Ross University.  We would like to thanks Dr. Robin Fiorito, Dr Andrew Knight, Verda James and everyone else who helped organize the event and make it such a success.

Some photos of the campus of Ross School of Veterinary Medicine on the beautiful island of St Kitts.





Clinical skills labs and classrooms

A canine bandaging limb built by VSI in collaboration with Dr. Robin Fiorito and Ross University.