Surgical Canine Dental Model Prototype

This prototype Surgical Canine Dental Model features replaceable maxilla and mandible; teeth are set in simulated bone with soft, rubber gums complete with periodontal ligament. The model will allow for realistic simulation of many dental procedures including extractions. It will also be able to be used as an intubation model once the development of the tongue / epiglottis component is complete. We are looking to have the model on the market later this year.

Surgical Canine Dental Head Prototype – Partial Cast

VSI Surgical Canine Dental Simulator. This is our first prototype of the dental skull within the silicone dog head. This video demonstrates how the interchangeable maxilla and mandible will slide on and off the skull. Students will be able to practice tooth extraction, complete with periodontal ligament. We plan to have a complete model on the market later this year. #veterinarydentistry #veterinary #simulation #simulator #prototype #vetsim #clinicalskills #dogdentist #veterinarysurgeon #veterinarytechnician #dvm #madeincanada #vetsnobiety #veterinarymedicine #canine #caninelovers #dog #vetschool #veterinaryschool #veterinario #veterinaria #veterinarian #vettech #vetmed #anatomy #canineanatomy #doganatomy #smallanimalmedicine #smallanimal #toothextraction

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Equine Radiology Limb Prototype at Saskatchewan Polytechnic

VSI recently collaborated with Susan Thiessen, RVT of Saskatchewan Polytechnic and Dan French, DVM to create our prototype Equine Palpation Radiology Limb.

A great deal of research and testing has been involved in producing the most durable simulator with the greatest flexibility and most natural movement. This model features a fully articulated skeleton. Materials were chosen to best simulate bones and skin while also being visible on an x-ray. VSI has employed a soft, silicone skin that surrounds the tendons and ligaments, which can be felt through palpation.

The palpable joints include the intercarpal, radiocarpal, fetlock and coffin joints. The full superficial and deep flexor tendon unit are readily palpable along the back of the cannon bone and on toward their insertions. Palpation of the suspensory ligaments and the palpable landmarks of the pastern are also featured.

The limb can be attached to Sask PolyTech’s custom VSI Equine Palpation Colic Model by screwing the threaded rod on the limb into the full horse.

Sask PolyTech have received their horse, “Dobbin” and have sent us some photos! There is also a picture of Dobbin getting an intramuscular injection.


xrayIM injection

DocTalk – Clinical Skills Simulation Lab at Iowa State University

Dr. Jennifer Schleining and Dr. Frank Cerfogli of the Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine were both featured in episodes of DocTalk. It is a weekly documentary featuring Dr. Dan Thomson who discusses different animal agriculture topics and issues.

In the Calving Issues episode, Dr. Schleining demonstrates on our Bovine Dystocia Simulator (“Frosty” and “Snowflake”) how to properly chain a calf.

Click here to read what Dr. Cerfogli has said about our Bovine Dystocia Simulator.

Our Canine Spay Models were featured in the DocTalk video at the Clinical Skills Simulation Lab at Iowa State University. Dr. Frank Cerfogli and Dr. Dan Thomas talk about the benefits of simulation and how simulators are used to train new vets.

All I want for Christmas is a pony!

The folks down in Ames, Iowa were very excited about their new horse arriving just in time for Christmas!

The custom painted horse arrived at Iowa State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine earlier this week. Here is Stephanie Caston, DVM, Diplomate ACVS-LA holding up her head. Don’t worry, it’s supposed to come off!

stephcastonauck-iowa-horse1 stephcastonauck-iowa-horse2